New Year’s Resolution? How To Get Your Results

Picture this…It is December 31, 2018.  You have decided on your New Year’s Resolution. Awesome. You have outlined your desired results, and they are very specific.  You are so motivated and ready to get started…

Your 12/31/18 journal entry reads,

“Goal: lose 10 pounds by April 1st 2019.” 

You have your nutrition and exercise planned for the next 12 weeks.  You can’t wait to wear your new workout gear.  This is the year that you will reach your fitness goals.

Fast forward to mid January… 

Things are going well.  Besides a few unplanned indulgences, you are eating well and feeling great.  You have not missed a workout.  But somehow, the feeling of uncertainty is setting in. 

You realize your thought is, “this is all a lot of work, maybe I need to change my goal.” If this has happened to you, you are not alone.  It’s not coincidence that the gyms are packed on Jan 2nd just to be empty by Feb 1st. 

Fast forward to next New Year’s Eve….

Dec 31, 2019 rolls around and the top line of your journal entry reads,

“Goal: lose 10 pounds by April 1st 2020.”


Why is it so difficult to stick to a plan that will allow us to achieve our desired results?

At the very basic level, our reason for change has to be Epic.  It has to be so strong that we will be willing to tolerate the array of feelings that this endeavor will offer us.

 (Spoiler alert!!!)

Growth will stir up uncomfortable feelings. Remember, our feelings are created by our thoughts. Let’s revisit the thought, “this is all a lot of work, maybe I need to change my goal.”  This thought can cause confusion- a feeling that is easy to indulge in.  We may not pursue our goals with enthusiasm if confusion is the feeling we are operating under.

So how do we get our results?   

We get results when we think useful thoughts that will generate feelings that will motivate us to stick to our plan and pursue change.  This is different than positive thinking because we actually HAVE to believe these thoughts.

 Try out this thought, “I have the exact plan that will allow me to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks.” 

How does this make you feel?  Perhaps this thought generates the feeling of encouraged.  The feeling that you want to create is the EXACT feeling that you felt when you were writing your New Year’s resolution back on Dec 31, 2018.

Channel the feeling that encouraged action for change in the first place.  This is the secret.  Get in touch with this feeling as often as possible and generate thoughts that continue to foster feeling encouraged.

You will create any result that you desire….

Over time, your alternative goal driven thoughts become so strong that they will be automatic. Then you are generating powerful positive emotions that will only benefit you.  And then what? 

You are now a person who can get the exact results that you want, without much effort.

Let’s Review

·   To get the results that you want, you have to generate thoughts that will create feelings that will drive you take appropriate action. 

·   Your brain will give you good reasons to suggest that you should stop pursuing these goals because of uncomfortable feelings that arise. 

·   We can recognize these feelings, label them as not helpful, and then generate new thoughts to create helpful feelings.

Your power exists in your willingness to feel any feeling.

We will maintain our results if we are willing to FEEL again and again.  Imagine this…if we can feel any feeling, but we also have the ability to create any feeling- then absolutely nothing can stop us- not even ourselves.


Need some help with your resolution?? 

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Happy New Year!!!

Looking forward to hearing about all of the amazing things coming YOUR way in 2019 :)