Mind Body Marriage gets...Fitter at 40 & Beyond!

Here is the truth.  It was a Sunday morning, just over a year ago.  My husband, Mark, and I were drinking coffee and talking about how fun it would be to work together.  In med school we always talked about trying to find the perfect job combination that would allow us to do so.


We began talking about a podcast.  What if the two of us could join and give a perspective from the lives of two busy physicians?  From this conversation, Mind Body Marriage was born.  No joke- that is exactly how it went down.


In typical Mark and Ali fashion, we immediately went to work. Within 24 hours, we had our logo, our website, equipment for our podcast, ideas…oh- so many ideas.  Truth be told- we just went for it.  We decided that even if it was a hobby just for us- it was enough.


Fast forward to now.  I am 100% self employed as CEO of Mind Body Marriage PC.  I have found my way. I know that I was put on this earth to heal. I just had no idea that my healing would come in the form of life coaching.


The path to becoming a physician is a unique one.  We work so hard to just get into medical school, we work even harder just to get through medical school, then we become residents, sometimes we become fellows, and then we can finally take a breath…right?  Oh- so wrong.  When we become physicians- we can never let up.  Lives depend on our ability to be near perfect.


Over the past year, I have reflected on my own personal burnout as a physician in clinical medicine, my burnout as a physician in nonclinical medicine, and the potential for burnout as an entrepreneur. 

Here is the punch line…I am not willing to burn out as an entrepreneur. Why you ask?  Recently, I had a client write to me.  This is what she said,

“You are amazing! You have followed your dream and calling and made it happen! You are the inspiration to all of us - helping us better ourselves and better our patients. What more of a legacy could you leave????”


Then it hit me.  My legacy?  Oh my gosh…my purpose is so much greater than me helping an individual patient.  My purpose is to heal the healers.  I am going to help stellar physicians stay healthy so that they can heal others.  The more physicians I can help, the more of society I can impact…my mind was completely blown.


I started to pay VERY close attention to my clients.  Women physicians ages 35 and above with a similar goal.  These women wanted to finally feel content.  They wanted to feel GOOD ENOUGH.


My work began.  I developed a program that outlined an easy and effective nutrition strategy that would promote a healthy body weight and an excellent relationship with food. I outlined exercise strategies to promote health rather than focusing on shaping the body in a certain way.  I provided mental exercises to encourage body confidence.  I began addressing relationships and why they go wrong.  


My community developed.  Women physicians were coming from all over the country to start a personal journey that would change everything.  More importantly- they were encouraging and inspiring one another.  I was inspired.  


Through the lessons that I learned from my clients- Fitterat40md was born.  Fitterat40md speaks to women physicians approaching the age of 40 and beyond!!!  It is around this time that burnout, inadequate sleep, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, amplified anxiety, significant depression, and failed relationships become evident.  It is also around this time that single physicians start to panic because deep down they want to find a significant other and maybe start a family.


This is where I come in.  I am taking a break from the bedside so that I can help you all achieve your best life.  You can live any life you want.  YOU CAN CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE.

We don’t have to look at the past with regret…we can realize that regret is only our mind suggesting that we are evolving.  We feel regret now because we have changed…the decision we made in the past isn’t the right one now.  So we adapt, we learn, we get better.  


I believe that we are only getting started.  We can have a fitter mind, a fitter body, and fitter relationships and even NEW relationships- starting now. The best is yet to come!!!


I am so excited to welcome you to the Mind, Body, Marriage community. I am developing an amazing program for you.  September 23 is the next Mind Body Maintenance course which will feed into the Fitterat40md membership site. Together we can navigate the best years of our life.


The waitlist is now open, and I encourage you to jump on so you can be the first to hear when the doors open for the next enrollment.