Unleash Your Inner Badass

I absolutely love it when one woman calls another a Badass... 


To me this is the ultimate compliment.  


Interestingly, I never thought about what being a Badass really means.  I Googled and according to the Oxford Dictionary, a Badass is “a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person”  


To me this definition misses out on some key attributes of the Badass women I surround myself with.  Badass women inspire, support, and empower those around them.  Badass women embrace their vulnerability and are ok admitting failure to one another.  


5-4-3-2-1 Badass


Ever feel like your senses are overwhelmed when you are in the same room as a Badass?  


5 things I can SEE when I look at a badass woman…

·    It doesn’t matter her shape or size but she owns her physical being.  You can see it by the way she carries herself.

·    Her style is all her own.  She highlights her unique physical features with her fashion.  She wears what feels good…and it shows.

·    When she talks to me, she looks me straight in the eyes…she refuses to hide.

·    When she enters the room, she keeps her head high.  She doesn’t look down trying to go unnoticed.  

·    She doesn’t let a few extra pounds keep her out of the pool…in fact, she is the first in and the last to leave.


4 things I can FEEL when I am in the same room as a badass woman…

·    She knows that she is worth it- that she is enough.  I can feel this vibe just standing near her.

·    When she shakes my hand, it firm yet inviting.  She makes a lasting impression with just this gesture.

·    She has an energy that feels contagious and magnetic.

·    She is not afraid to give a hug…a real hug…heart to heart…and she is the last to let go.


3 things that I HEAR from a badass woman…

·    She says what’s on her mind without fear of being judged.

·    She refuses to engage in negative self talk publicly and is actively working on disengaging privately.

·    She admits when she needs help, and she is willing to ask for it.


2 things I can SMELL when I am near a badass woman…

·    I love signature scents…especially the ones that make me remember her.  She took the time to refine her brand and then advertise it.

·    The smell of authenticity is one of the strongest I know…a badass woman is not afraid to let this one out of the bag.


And finally, let’s talk about taste.  

·    A badass woman trusts and honors her own taste.  She fuels and nourishes her body with all the good stuff (most of the time, and owns it when she decides to cheat).  Sometimes, she she eats for pure pleasure and celebration.  You know what a badass woman doesn’t do?  She never beats herself up for making a poor food choice.  She moves on.  She embraces moderation.  


In case you don’t already know it, all of us have the potential to be a Badass.  Have you already embraced your inner Badass?  If not, are you ready to let her out?  


For those of you ready to make the jump to becoming a Badass, the first step is understanding your self worth and investing in yourself.  You will need to confront the self-doubt and that has been holding you back. 


Perhaps, you are close to that Badass tiara, but you feel you are one tragic flaw away.  Consider joining the MBM group coaching course to help you overcome these distorted thoughts.


Surround yourself with other Badasses.  At Fitter@40, I surround myself with a community of Badass women who strive for achieving a fit body, fit mind, and fitter relationships.  They work through their imperfections and inspire each other everyday.  We’d love the opportunity to help you recognize just how much of a badass you are. 


To all of my Badass sisters reading this, thank you for making me more of a Badass by calling you all my family.  


Love, your Badass sister Ali