Mind Body Maintenance

What is The Mind Body Maintenance Course?

Can you imagine your life if you no longer obsessed over food? Imagine if you were at peace with your body and stopped thinking that it SHOULD be different?

What if emotional eating was something that you just didn’t do?

You are a high achiever, a perfectionist.  You never feel satisfied despite your big accomplishments.  You feel the constant need to be working towards a goal because you are driven by results.  You often think that your body is not good enough as is. You would be so much happier if you could just lose 10-20 pounds.

You embark on yet another Crash Diet. 

You tell yourself that THIS TIME it is going to work!

You have momentum- you Lose Weight 


As time goes on, you start to feel restricted on your current diet.  You notice that food consumes your thoughts.  You have feelings of disappointment and anger.  You think, “Why do I have to do this- no one else has to give up so much!” You don’t feel the happiness that you thought weight loss would bring you.  Your willpower feels weakened.  

So you eat.  

The weight creeps back- and then some.   

You feel ashamed. YOU FAILED YOURSELF AGAIN! You think that you will never MAINTAIN your Weight Loss!


I understand how you feel.  None of this is your fault.  You did not fail!

The system is broken.  

Your thoughts are telling you that your body is not good enough, and you need a thinner body NOW.  You cannot live another day in the body you are in!  This pressure leaves you no choice but to pursue a quick fix. 

 But, a quick fix will never be permanent.  

I promise you- there is a Better Way! 

I help the professional career woman to MAINTAIN a healthy natural body weight so she never needs to diet again.

More truth…I have done the work myself!

And I don’t want you to waste anymore time doing what isn’t working…life is too short to never get off the hamster wheel.

In The 12-week MindBodyMaintenance Course:

  • You will learn, Mindful Macros, a balanced approach to eating that will give you amazing sustainable results.

  • You will learn the thought work that will allow you to MAINTAIN your results permanently.

  • You will stop emotional eating

Can you imagine actually living in the moment because you are not preoccupied with obsessing over food and/or your body? How about going on vacation and all you can think about is the AMAZING time you are going to have NOT how you are gong to look in your bathing suit? What will it feel like to focus on what is MOST important to you?

If you continue to think extreme, unbalanced thoughts that are promoting more crash diets, your obsession with food and your body will continue. Unfortunately, emotional eating will also continue because eventually you will rebel against your “restrictive” diet. You will lose the opportunity to find peace of mind and respect for your body. Life’s precious moments will continue to pass you by.

There are many women (like you and me) who inspired this course. This course is just the beginning. Women who are 100% committed to maintaining their results forever will be eligible to continue on in The Maintenance Crew Community.

If you want to take advantage of a free consult with me, i would love to talk with you.