What are graduates of the course saying?




enough positive things about Ali or this course. I was highly skeptical when I signed up, but I can truly say that this coursework has changed my life. Ali is incredibly dedicated to her clients and truly wants to see everyone meet and exceed their goals! With her help, I've lost nearly 20 pounds without being miserable or depriving myself. I now understand how harness the power of my own thoughts to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle forever!

-Dr. Andrea Strathman


Ali does an amazing…

job of being inspirational and showing her vulnerability. She helped me realize the power of my thoughts and how just being aware of them, caused a shift so that I have become more forgiving of myself. She provides doable workouts, simple healthy recipes, and most comfort and accountability.

- Dr. Katie Durrwachter

I was somewhat skeptical…

about hiring a life coach and doing a group coaching class. I wasn't sure if this is what I needed or not.

Last night, I had my Ah ha moment ..... I went out to dinner with my husband for date night. It was a last minute thing, so I did not have time to do thought work about it and think about my food / meal plan for the evening. However, I took a few seconds and reminded myself that the purpose of the date was spending time and connecting with hubby, not the food. and then I set my plan to eat until I was satisfied... and not stuffed.

In short... your program REALLY WORKS!

- HM

Ali is so very dedicated…

to her clients! She puts her whole heart into her work and has not only helped me learn how to help myself, but how to teach her model to others. I feel like I’ve got a whole new set of skills in my tool belt!

-Dr. Michelle Linkous

The coaching Ali provides…

in this course is second to none. She is truly dedicated to helping you to live your best life. She pours her heart and soul into the course and coaching calls, and everyone in the group benefits deeply. The group setting provides a network of amazing like-minded women to support and encourage you. Whatever your goal may be, this course can help you achieve it. I highly recommend Dr. Ali Novitsky.

- Dr. Ellen Cooke

Ali has changed the way…

I view food and shopping. I am forever changed. I lost 10 pounds without the usual struggles following principles from the just the first week! I can’t wait to do the other modules! I no longer spend money or eat without first thinking about what I am feeling. I love her!


I went into this course thinking…

I only needed to focus on the mind and body sections. I really wanted to work on my compulsive shopping and eating habits that I had developed in order to buffer and cope with stress. I have gained more through taking this course than I have with paying more for counseling or therapy sessions. Ali teaches you to be your own coach and how to retrain your brain with cognitive behavioral therapy. Even if you think only one section applies to you, I promise you can benefit from the coaching in all areas as the coaching you receive is applicable across all aspects of daily life.

- MH


Ali has a true passion & talent for coaching..

She will help you to identify your goals, as well as what stands in the way of them. And, it doesn't matter if those goals are related to your career, your body, your relationships, or related to all of the above. The secret is all in the mind, and she will show you how to unleash all that brain power, allowing for a better you, where truly, as she says, "The sky is the limit."

You may think it odd at first, like, how could group coaching help me? But the truth is, Ali makes herself VERY available to you individually in the course. Receiving coaching on the group calls is completely optional, but whether you are coached, or you are listening to others being coached, it will lead to personal growth, and you will learn so many tools to coach yourself for the future.

- Dr. Michelle Q

I was hesitant…

to sign up for a group class because I’m not really good at sharing things in a group setting. I am SO glad that I signed up for this course now- it is the perfect combination of feeling one on one and sharing with the group to realize that most women share many of the same issues and are in many of the same situations. This little circle of trust has allwed me to see others’ vulnerability (Ali included!) and has allowed me to share my own. Whatever situation you are in that makes you feel helpless or whatever goal that you have set that might feel impossible, this class will give you the courage and motivation to accomplish literally anything.

- Dr. Ashlee Smith


The Mind Body Maintenance Course

Can you imagine your life if you no longer obsessed over food? Imagine if you were at peace with your body and stopped thinking that it SHOULD be different?

What if emotional eating was something that you just didn’t do?

You are a high achiever, a perfectionist.  You never feel satisfied despite your big accomplishments.  You feel the constant need to be working towards a goal because you are driven by results.  You often think that your body is not good enough as is. You would be so much happier if you could just lose 10-20 pounds.

You embark on yet another Crash Diet. 

You tell yourself that THIS TIME it is going to work!

You have momentum- you Lose Weight 


As time goes on, you start to feel restricted on your current diet.  You notice that food consumes your thoughts.  You have feelings of disappointment and anger.  You think, “Why do I have to do this- no one else has to give up so much!” You don’t feel the happiness that you thought weight loss would bring you.  Your willpower feels weakened.  

So you eat.  

The weight creeps back- and then some.   

You feel ashamed. YOU FAILED YOURSELF AGAIN! You think that you will never MAINTAIN your Weight Loss!


I understand how you feel.  None of this is your fault.  You did not fail!

The system is broken.  

Your thoughts are telling you that your body is not good enough, and you need a thinner body NOW.  You cannot live another day in the body you are in!  This pressure leaves you no choice but to pursue a quick fix. 

 But, a quick fix will never be permanent.  

I promise you- there is a Better Way! 

“I help the professional career woman to MAINTAIN a healthy natural body weight so she never needs to diet again”

More truth…I have done the work myself!

And I don’t want you to waste any more time doing what isn’t working…

The 12-week MindBodyMaintenance Course includes live coaching sessions, a private membership site containing course modules, and a private facebook group for extra support.

BONUS OFFER. By signing up for the June 10th course, you will receive free lifetime access to my membership site. This is a special perk that is being gifted to my founding members. This is the last group that will be offered this bonus.

  • You will learn, Mindful Macros, a balanced approach to eating that will give you amazing sustainable results.

  • You will learn the thought work that will allow you to MAINTAIN your results permanently.

  • You will stop emotional eating

Maybe you want to learn more about my coaching philosophy? Schedule a consult with me. I would love to meet you!!

Can you imagine actually living in the moment because you are not preoccupied with thinking about food or your body? How about going on vacation and all you can think about is the AMAZING time you are going to have rather than how you are gong to look in your bathing suit? What will it feel like to focus on what is really important to you?

If you continue to think extreme, unbalanced thoughts that are promoting more crash diets, your obsession with food and your body will continue. Unfortunately, emotional eating will also continue because eventually you will rebel. You will lose the opportunity to find peace of mind and respect for your body. Life’s precious moments will continue to pass you by.

Ready to start the enrollment process? What are the next steps?

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2.) Course tuition is $2,700. The balance ($2,200) will be due 1 week prior to the start.

3.) Pay a $500 deposit to reserve your spot, it will be applied to your course tuition.