I was born an overachiever. I strived for perfection- in everything. Including my body. By third grade, I was already on my first diet. At this early age, I had poor body confidence.

Thank goodness- I was very athletic. Through athletics, I was able to gain confidence in how my body was able to function. But- i still lacked confidence in my body’s appearance. After all- I was the “biggest” friend in my group.

As a senior in high school, I thought it would be a great idea to lose 20 pounds. I went on a major crash diet. This is where the Yoyo fun began. For the next 4 years, I would gain and lose 30 pounds at least 5 times. My confidence was the lowest it had ever been because with each weight gain cycle, I would hit an even higher number. As a college athlete, my athletic performance suffered.

My relationships suffered. I did not date. I did not feel that I was worth it.

Then something amazing happened… I was accepted into medical school. I was going to live my dream. I was going to become a doctor.

I started to believe that I was worth it. And- if I was going to help others, then I needed to help myself first. I changed my thoughts…I lost weight for good…I met the man of my dreams.

As a practicing physician, I quickly recognized the importance of maintaining fitness in our mind, bodies, and relationships. It became my passion to help other women physicians to find and maintain this fitness.


Because if we can MAINTAIN a peaceful mind, a fit body, and satisfying relationships, we can LIVE the ULTIMATE FIT LIFE.