It’s time to Stop the Viscous cycle!

You most likely have learned the All-Or-None approach to weight loss.  In fact, you are pretty darn good at losing weight.  Things go well for a while- until they don’t.  Life happens and all of a sudden it seems as though you have no willpower. 

You start to wonder why is it so hard for you! 

Why can’t you just be normal!


It starts with one meal.  You feast on all the foods that you have restricted for the past month.  You can’t seem to control yourself.  You think that because you have already “ruined” the day, you will just continue to eat and start again on Monday.


Monday comes and you feel intense guilt and regret. 

You eat a little bit less and you exercise a little bit more to compensate. 

Does this sound familiar? I can help you! 

I help high achieving women stop emotional eating and crash dieting so that they can achieve their natural weight and discover ultimate body confidence. 

Why do we eat our emotions?

Emotional eating is learned, however, our genes also influence our behavior.  When we experience a feeling that we do not want to feel, we choose food to numb our discomfort.  Eating certain foods can release dopamine in our brain which makes us feel good for a brief moment.  We develop a reward system that will encourage us to eat when uncomfortable feelings arise. Unless this reward system is reversed, we will be unable to change our behaviors.

How does the program work?

I combine cognitive behavioral techniques with an effective curriculum to teach you the scientific reasons why we use food to soothe ourselves.  I teach you how to get rid of emotional eating for good.  I will provide you with the tools to allow you to achieve ultimate body confidence.  We will take it one step further and learn tools to improve our most important relationships so that we can nurture the ones we love most.

Did you know?

Diets do work!!  All of them.  There is no magic.  The key is determining which lifestyle plan will work best for you.  I teach my Mindful Macro eating style that is easy and effective. It is based on the concept that there are no bad foods. You will discover that your body actually craves the foods that will help it function best. Our food obsessed thoughts often cloud our ability to listen to our body. You will have decreased desire to eat foods that are keeping you from easily achieving your natural body weight.  

What Will I Get?

Group coaching with like minded women with me as your guide.  You will have access to a private membership site that will host your curriculum.  You can never be behind because you can move at your own pace. 

Each month there is a catch up week factored in so that you do not feel rushed in this process.  You will have access to a private Facebook group for support and accountability.  There are weekly live coaching calls at a time that is convenient for the group.  These calls will be recorded for those who cannot attend. There will be weekly facebook live Q&A to answer any questions on the newly released content.

Once you have graduated The Crash Course, you will become a member of the graduate facebook group. Here you will enjoy community support for your continued success.

How do I find out more?

Be the first to find out about the next group launch. Schedule a free 15-minute session to begin The Crash Course Application Process.