1:1 Weight Loss Program


My 1:1 weight loss program is highly customized to fit the client’s needs. I take a careful history prior to recommending the most appropriate nutrition plan for my client.

My program implements tools to develop body confidence and to achieve a better relationship with food.

Each week has been strategically designed to cover essential concepts that will be key to continuing and maintaining weight loss.

My program is designed for the busy professional who doesn’t have hours to commit to losing weight. The good news, hours are not required. My program has the feature of maximum results with minimum effort.

Let’s face it- we are busy. We have more important things to take care of. Why should the struggle with our body and food take up so much precious time.

Included in this program are 12, 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions, customized nutrition recommendations, email support, and a full learning curriculum.

The live sessions are conducted 2 times per month. The program is 6 months in duration.

During the coaching sessions, I teach the concepts of cognitive based coaching. My goal is to groom you into an effective self coach, so that you may have continued success after you have completed my program.

This effective custom program requires an active commitment to achieve your desired results. I am so excited to offer you a free consult to see if my program would be a perfect fit for you.


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